Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 4: No Performance

Last night we went out to meet a couple more of Ellie's friends, got some food etc. Despite the lack of veggie options, we had a fun and interesting night.  I suppose the main thing to mention however were the conversations we had about English stereotypes. After showing the people we met some of the work that we had been making, explaining why we were doing it, we got some fantastic conversations about what British people were about. Mainly the conversation involved tea. Twinings in particular. We have some brilliant footage of posh English accents.

Anyway, today we went on an excursion to a little island by ferry which has a monastery built on it. Of course, now its only for tourism purposes, but it was pretty much untouched which was good, again, like most of the surroundings in Trondheim, beautifully picturesque.  We have been performing as 'aristocracy' today- the hunter farmer type that you would see in big inherited mansions. It was somewhat like we had traveled by boat to conquer another land. There is a little cafe on the island that again sold mainly meat- but we had some more waffles and a good old cuppa Rosie (that would be a 'Cup of Tea' for those of you confused by my cut in with cockney dialect). This inspired Joe to make a little spontaneous performance to teach the locals how to make a cup  of tea via self help video. It's very patronising and funny, but Joe did an astounding job of keeping a straight face throughout.

I have spent most of my day reading 'Magesty magazine' a magazine that you can buy at most airports and main railway stations in England but probably no-where else. Leading tourists into the presumption that the majority of English people are concerned about what the Royal Family are doing. However, quite relevantly there was a large section in the magazine about the royal visit to Norway that happened a couple of weeks ago. All i can say is that the Norwegian royal family are far more attractive than ours, but saying that, Princess Anne's hair is amazing. I modelled mine on hers today.

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