Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 3: No Performance

Today we bravely risked 'The Chav' performance, i managed to make my outfit out of clothes i had in my wardrobe from that ambiguous teenage time of my life- I think Joe had to try harder with his costume- but he did very well. Very convincing. Again we went down to the Fjord, walking down a massive hill in massive heels is a challenge, and i think as soon as you are wearing the baggy clothes/ baseball caps its difficult not to walk with an odd limp and a shifty stare. The surroundings however, made us look totally harmless.

Which reminds me- yesterday we had an amusing moment when we met a friend of Ellie's - she pointed us out as the people from England that were dressing up. Having heard form a friend, and apparently she had seen us with the Italian tourists and thought that we may have been with them. Obviously, our main look as an Edwardian was 'tourist' which is fair enough really.

We posed today next to a boat we had found on the fjord- It had 'sea c**t' spray painted on the side. A lucky find for our costumes but an unfortunate scene for us tourists on holiday. We mainly shied away in our outfits today, whilst hanging around not doing a lot. I suppose our image of a chav really. I suppose in the same way it meant that we weren't seen by any of the locals- probably the one day this week where we ironically haven't broken the Jante Law.

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