Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 1: No Performance in Norway

Yesterday was our first performance day in Norway. It started with an Edwardian tour around Trondheim, we have seen 'the main' tourist attraction in Trondheim, a cycle lift up a steep hill- while we were there we actually managed to run into a very large group of Italian tourists also looking at the lift. I cant say that this has confirmed that the cycle lift has the most visitors out of all those that come to Norway, but we did not see another group like this anywhere else in the city and the cycle lift was closed due to maintenance.
Obviously we had been dressed as Edwardian's all day, it hasn't gone un-noticed on our tour, although nobody has said anything, other than, that really suits you.
We also tasted 'brunost' which is a brown Norwegian cheese and had waffles with sour cream and jam. The waffles were very tasty.
I think the main event for us yesterday was staying up very late to witness the sunset and sunrise without it going out of view at about 3am it was as light as day. This is when we made our first piece of work, by the fjord, an adaptation of what we 'believe' Edwardians would do if they had encountered the fjord as we had, of course in true stereotype fashion.

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